Medicare Open Enrollment begins October 15th

I-Medicare is a innovative new program customized to the needs of our customers and citizens within our region. It ties in directly to the Medicare website and Hall Family Pharmacy’s patient database. The computer program can also be customized to patients who utilize other pharmacies and patients can compare drug cost between pharmacies.

It helps the pharmacist and patient work together to identify the best medicare Part D plan for the upcoming year. Save as much as $1000 / year on copays and avoid the Donut Hole by using Hall Family Pharmacy and iMedicare. Unlike other pharmacies that rely completely on the Medicare website, Hall Family Pharmacy has placed a investment in a program that guarantees savings and the best results for plan searches.

Before you select a plan, allow Hall Family Pharmacy to utilize over 10 years of Medicare Part D pharmacy experience and iMedicare to look at your options.

Did you have another pharmacy do a plan search for you? If so, let us double check it. You may be eligible for additional savings opportunities. There may also be plan restrictions or constraints their software does not disclose.

Are you keeping the same plan you had in 2016? Read the fine print. We are familiar with the small changes that may have a big impact on your spending for 2017.

Look at just a few of the ways we have set ourselves apart from the competition…


  • Our free insurance consultation are performed by a pharmacist to better assist our customers.

  • Computer software integrated with Medicare website and Hall Family Pharmacy’s computer system.

  • Computer software focused on regional Medicare Part D options (excludes plans that are not available in our area to prevent information overload).

  • Bi-annual and monthly training sessions completed by the pharmacist.

  • Performance based initiatives to be a preferred pharmacy on each Medicare Part D drug plan by 2016 resulting in lower copays for patients and better reimbursements for physicians who have patients that use our pharmacy.

For the best options and best advice, choose Hall Family Pharmacy!