The goal of this program is to bring awareness to the need for increased physical activity as a means to combat diseases and ailments such as diabetes, weigh loss/obesity, pain, depression, and many more.

You don’t have to fall into a category to participate. We aim at awareness, prevention, and treatment. There is a reason for anyone to participate, even if you do it to support someone you love.

The only rules of Walk Club are that folks do things at their own pace, have a good time, and invite someone to join the group. Exercise and social interaction are two of the most important factors in a healthy and happy lifestyle. You get as much from the group as you put into it.

We do have some incentives in place to aid in motivation! Miles are accumulated at your own pace.

10 miles

$5 Hall Family Pharmacy Gift Card

25 miles

Sport Water Bottle

50 miles

50 Mile Club T-Shirt

75 miles

Subway Gift Card

100 miles

100 Mile Club T-Shirt and Entry into a $100

Jackpot to be given away in December!

Get Fit Fentress will be divided into different annual events conducted throughout the year catering to the need for a healthier Fentress County.

  • January

    Stop Smoking

  • February

    Heart Healthy Eating and Promoting a Healthy Memory

  • March

    Get Fit Fentress! Walking Club

  • April

    Preventing and Managing Diabetes

  • May

    Breath Right: Managing Allergies, Asthma, and Respiratory Health

  • June

    The Science and Art of Acupuncture

  • July

    Prescription Drug Abuse: Prevention and Support

  • August

    Managing Your Child’s Health – Staying Well During the School Year and Poison Prevention

  • September

    Immunization Health: Are your immunizations up to date?

  • October

    Mountain People Home Remedies

  • November

    Medical Expense Budgeting and Remedies for Medicare Part D Info Overload

  • December

    Managing Acid Reflux and Indigestion: Risk of Overusing Antacids